Empower individuals and organizations to understand and consider the societal impacts of products and services when making decisions.

How we do it

BuyForward (TM) is a score that synthesize verified information about products' and services' societal impacts across their lifespan. Spend Forward also allows users to personalize the score based on the causes each individual buyer cares about, and offers them the ability to offset the impact their purchases, suggesting donations in line with their values.

Additionally, Spend Forward makes it easier to assess the resale value of products, and then help buyers to resell them, ensuring they can recoup their investment and lengthen the product usable life.

Spend Forward approach is inspired by these frameworks:

      1. The circular economy

      2. Cradle-to-cradle design

      3. The social business construct

      4. Sustainable development goals

      5. Responsible technology


  1. How do Spend Forward make money?

    1. Affiliate marketing: when a buyer purchases a product we suggest, we will get a commission on the transaction that varies depending on the seller.

    2. B2B services: we help organizations establishing sustainable practices.

  2. How's the BuyForward (TM) score calculated?

    1. Our algorithm is proprietary and our sources are always evolving to ensure we leverage the best and more updated datasets.

    2. Our sources include:

      1. https://knowthechain.org

      2. https://bcorporation.net/about-b-corps

      3. http://www.smartlabel.org/

      4. Public reports and data including annual reports, certified self-reported data (e.g. Targets)

    3. If you have any specific concern about certain recommendations, ranking, please contact us

  3. How do you use and protect data?

    1. Bank-style encryption for both data in transit and at rest

    2. We only user aggregated data, e.g. top sales by brand, product category, value as well as aggregated charity donations.